Inhabit Gallery

1066 47th Avenue, Oakland, CA 94601, 47th Avenue Studios


Opening Saturday, January 22, 2011


Curated by Anné M. Klint

Inhabit Gallery, 47th Avenue Studios, Oakland
1066 47th Avenue, Oakland CA 94601

How have alliances with non-human companions (microbes, pets, cyborgs) shaped our existence as individuals and as a species? By examining human/non-human relationships, Cohabit will explore how we connect (or don't) with the non-human other.

As we perceive nature through personal, cultural, scientific, or religious lenses, the dichotomy between culture and nature has become increasingly difficult to reconcile. Human life and human culture are contingent upon and inseparable from the co-evolution of interrelated species. Can we reconsider the split between nature and culture from a perspective that doesn’t presuppose human superiority or domination? How will humanity continue to evolve in a multi-species environment?


Inhabit is an impromptu gallery intermittently located in vacant live/work units at the 47th Avenue Studios in Oakland.

Visual artists, writers, sound/music artists, and performance and installation artists are encouraged to submit work.

Art work will be displayed for the duration of the opening event only. Multi-media artists must provide equipment necessary to display work (monitors, projectors, DVD players, etc.). Participating artists are asked to deliver work one day prior to the show and to remove work at the end of the night, or the following day.

Artwork may be offered for sale. Artists are asked to contribute 20% of sales made during the event to cover gallery costs.

To apply, please contact Anné M. Klint via email at or by phone at 415.269.0047. Applications must be received by Tuesday, 18 January, 2011 and should include a bio and statement (one paragraph each) plus URL or lo-res jpgs and info (title, date, materials, size, etc.).